Hope J

Review of Supply Care by Hope J

I have been working with Supply Care Solutions for a period of 3 months.  However I have been with them for almost a year.  When I left a job after 11 years being employed by one organisation,  I really was not familiar with the Temporary job market.

I did receive calls from  quite a few  agencies.  However Vivienne Jenkins stood out to me as a result of her approach.  She was and has been polite, transparent, knowledgeable, says “I don’t know love”  when she doesn’t know.  When I got my last role, she did not forget about me. She will keep in touch,  every so often will touch base to see if I am still in work or looking for a change.  She has time to listen.

I am quite happy with  Supply Care Solutions as my current agency.  I can’t imagine the drudgery of calling every week to check up on me and how I am getting on.  When Viv is aware,  I get a call from  George!.  This morning I received a company branded Christmas gift package from Supply Care, with very useful essentials that I will actually get to use!.

One of my concerns working for an agency is missed payment, a real issue with some agencies, so it was a delight when they were able to arrange for last minute payment to be made the one week my time sheet was not signed off in good time.

I get a weekly reminder from Jodie and Viv to send in my time sheet.  Not really necessary but it is reassuring to feel that they want me to be paid in good time!.

Cheers and a Merry Christmas to you all

Hope J